Saturday, May 31, 2008

Kentucky bluegrass


Josie said...

Hey Guys I was so happy to see you have a blog! We have a blog as well check it out. We aren't half as cute as your babies though! Dan and Johanna

Hillary said...

What cute little guys you two have! They are getting so big. Wow! You two look like the happiest parents ever. Love ya!


~Cmac~ said...

Oh man! Your baby boys are so big! They are adorable - good job. I hope Chase and I can pop one out that cute. :) You two aren't looking so bad yourselves. Amber, you look great.

Shannon said...


Your boys are so cute! What a cute family you have! You'll have to visit our blog sometime so we can keep in touch. Good luck on the move to North Carolina!

~shannon voge