Monday, November 24, 2008

How to get your North Carolina Drivers' License: A guide for parents

When you move to a new state every year, you get to get a new drivers' license every year. Oh boy! The beaurocracy can be overwhelming especially with kids in tow, but don't worry. You can survive it with a few simple rules.
1. Bring lots of snacks for the kids. Government offices don't allow food or drink, but it's nice to know there is a pack of crackers tucked in your diaper bag when your kids start to cry.
2. Bring every piece of identification ever, that includes your first grade report card.
3. Don't forget cash or check. The government hasn't yet learned about credit or debit cards. C'mon government, we're livin' in the y2ks!
4. If you forget anything, you've got three hours once you've taken your number to go home and get it.
5. If you wait three hours with your forbidden snacks, vast collection of identification documents and cash or check, don't take your driver's exam with a screaming baby on your lap.
6. If you fail the drivers' exam because of a screaming baby in your lap, don't worry. You can go home and repeat the next day!
7. You really can refrain from screaming at your kids in the parking lot at the DMV (Really, I didn't scream, but that doesn't mean I didn't want to).


Super Angie said...

You are super woman. I'm serious.

B said...

I've always thought the DMV is like hell on earth. Seriously.