Saturday, December 6, 2008

So many great pictures I didn't get to post

Zach got a new camera for his birthday for the third year in a row. It takes fabulous pictures. I still don't know how to download them to the computer though. Zach finally downloaded them for me this week. Here's a months worth of pictures! Enjoy! Zach makes a slide for the boys Zach tames a wild duck. Look out!
Zach turns 28 while the boys celebrate the big 1.
After enjoying a cupcake, Grant helps himself to another. Well it's his birthday!
The boys in the pajamas they got for their birthday, playing in the tent they got for their birthday with the sock monkey they got for their birthday. I think they were happy.

Snow!Normally, bubbles aren't worth blogging about but the ones at Gymboree are amazing! We found some hours later that hadn't popped yet. I think that's worth six bucks.

Collin loves snuggling these days. Ahhh.

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