Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Mexichristmas Day 6

On Christmas Eve the guys decided to hit the beach again. Leann, Emily, Collin and I set out to find a birthday pinata for my mom. Her birthday is on Christmas. Grant stayed at home to hang out with his buddy, my mom. We thought it wouldn't be hard to find a pinata in Mexico, but we ended up walking several miles to find a really good one. Emily got to carry the pinata back. It was so big she sometimes had to walk in the street because she couldn't fit through the sidewalk. Our pinata was a hit with the local salesmen. They kept asking where the party was. By the time we got back, we didn't have any time or energy to go to the beach. We went to dinner at a great Mexican food place with an entertaining mariachi band. Dinner was a giant platter of mexican food served on a ceramic pig. Grant was more interested in the ladies sitting behind us. What a womanizer. Unfortunately, I don't have any pictures. We forgot our camera. Bummer.

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