Sunday, January 18, 2009

New year in Washington

In Mexico, we got some rare news from Bremerton. They were snowed in all week playing Wii. It was difficult even to get the essentials because Bremerton only has one snow plow. They probably hardly use it. When we got there, we felt like we were back in Ohio. And it was clear when we got to the Webb residence they HAD been snowed in all week. Just as we were looking forward to relaxing, catching up on sleep and doing laundry, everyone was dying to get out of the house. Their eyes look wild. That's what happens when 11 people are stuck in one house for a whole week. We were all together on Sunday so we got to take a picture of everyone together before Heather headed back home to Wisconsin. See if you can get a closer look at Arryana. She's the one practicing to play Wednesday Addams in the next Addams Family movie. I think she's got a good shot!

The boys enjoyed getting to know their only cousins Arryana, Hazel and Avery.

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steph said...

Wow! I'm so jealous of your trip. Too fun! We miss you guys up here. I want you to come back - any chance?
Yeah, didn't think so. sniff sniff