Friday, March 20, 2009

Like Father like Son

Zach got home from a business trip last night and Grant was so happy to see him, he screamed for fifteen minutes. I swear that kid is a miniature version of his father. When he was born, the nurses, the doctors, everyone thought Grant looked just like Zach, but it's more than that. This kid acts like Zach. Let me show you:
Grant loves tools.He wants to know what's in the cupboards at all times.He always wants to know whats up there, back there, or wherever he's not really supposed to go! Does any of this sound familiar Suzie?


Tyla Majors said...

I love your blog - so cute! I linked you up with us - hope to keep in touch!

Natalie said...

I wonder already what Finley will be like and how he will take after David.