Saturday, April 11, 2009

The Webb guide to touring Charlotte

To me, Charlotte sounds like a romantic, refined Southern city. It's just an hour-and-a-half south of here, and we went to check it out a few weeks ago. I was sorely dissappointed. It reminded me of NASCAR. What a let down. Zach wanted to go there to check out IKEA yesterday because he had the day off. But the boys got really tired:I made my driver drive me around while the boys slept in their carseats to see if we could find a little refinement. With my trusty Fodor's travel book as our tour guide, here's what we found:Charlotte's 4th Ward. I want to live here. It's right downtown next to giant skyscrapers like this one:

Which I love, even though I think skyscrapers are ugly.

Downtown has a kids discovery center with an aquarium and some museums I wanted to see, but we didn't because we're lame parents and we never wake up our boys. It's a coping strategy. After this we drove through the arts district, which is not really worth mentioning thank you very much Fodor's.


andrea said...

I'll let ya know what we think of the discover zone. Might be worth another trip during the boys' waking hours?

Natalie said...

Charlotte can be a lot of fun. David use to live there. I so need to take a trip down to Ikea!