Monday, July 20, 2009

Hospitals, Thieves and other stress factors

I was stressed today. Sunday night we heard that Zach's sister was in a bad bike crash. She was in the hospital alone. The closest family member is 5 1/2 hours away. We are 14 1/2 hours away. We've been planning how to help her get things in order from all the way over here.

This morning I was planning to keep things low key to help me deal. When I came out of the bathroom from putting in my contacts, the monkeys were hard at work playing with my computer. Gasp! I quickly confiscated it, but it was too late. Now when I turn on my computer it says something about a memory error. My computer tech is still working on the problem, but who knows what will come of it.

So I was glad after family home evening when Zach said, let's go somewhere. We decided to go to an awesome second hand store Zach's friend told us about. It was great and the boys were being so well behaved. I was just admiring a great pair of shoes for only a fraction of retail price when a thief walked out of the store with a giant pile of clothes on his arm. Chaos. The employees were panicking. I lost my interest in the shoes. I guess I felt violated too. And even more stressed.

We went to get ice cream. But I got stressed when they told the lady in front of us that they ran out of what she had ordered. And they couldn't refund her credit card because they were incompetent. Then, once we sat down with our ice cream, the above mentioned incompetent employee came and told us our credit card didn't scan. "So? That's your problem buddy. You are the one who is obviously incompetent." At least that's what I would have said. My stress level was reaching dangerous levels. Good thing he asked Zach, who cooly handed over the credit card and let him ring us up again. Then Collin started trying to jump out of his chair. Then the store got really packed. But there were only three tables. Then I kept having to tell people that yes, my boys really are twins. And I didn't feel like talking to anyone. I just wanted to get the heck out of there, cut my losses and go to bed. I'm glad I get to try again tomorrow.

I'm glad Heather does too. She's got some broken bones, a punctured lung and will be going through a few surgeries, but if anyone can recover quickly, I think Heather can. Please pray for her if you get a chance. Thanks.


shelley said...

holy cow! why didn't you tell us at the playground? i guess that was part of trying to keep it "low key." i'm so sorry. and i know what you mean about the stress levels and wanting to get away from everyone. my blood pressure is really good at sky rocketing! i hope zach's sister pulls through without any complications. we'll definitely be praying for your family

Sawyers Family said...

Stress Sucks!
Sorry to hear about Zach's sister. I hope everything turns out okay. I have been thinking about you all day since I read this post.
Hope today is a better day!