Saturday, December 19, 2009

Dear Mother Nature,

Thank you for the magical Christmas snow.

It was just what I needed. Now I'm finally feeling the Christmas spirit.

The boys like it too.
 Grant is very cautious in the snow.
Does this remind you of anyone you know?
P.S. Please melt quickly so the Southerners will stop wrecking their cars.

The Webbs


shelley said...

wow! very impressive snowmen!! i can't believe it. how long did that take?!

andrea said...

Your snow family is AMAZING. Love it! Is Zach's snow-double smoking a pipe? Anything we should infer about this?

Caroline said...

I think that is the only thing I've ever seen slow Grant down.

Toni said...

We southerners can't help it if we only see snow once in a blue moon.

Natalie said...

Those snowmen are so cute! Great job.

Sawyers Family said...

I love this post...and I am totally amazed at the snowmen! It makes it look like we got several FEET of snow!!