Friday, December 4, 2009

Hey. Teacher. Leave these boys alone.

Four months ago, I got together with some friends to organize a pre-school for our toddlers. We are way ahead of the curve here, my boys won't start Kindergarten for over three more years. I was excited to sculpt my boys minds and turn them into toddler geniuses.

Sadly, my dreams of raising boy wonders has been slightly hampered. When I say hampered I mean completely dashed to pieces by the fact that the boys REFUSE to cooperate. When I picked them up one week, my friend reported that Collin crawled on her dining table and tried to swing from the chandelier.

"Really?" I responded. "He never does that at my house" I said, with my fingers crossed behind my back.

 The next week they both developed bad hearing and their feet got stuck to the floor where the toy box was. Once when it was my week to teach, Grant ignored my energetic lesson on animals that live in the ocean and showed his friend how to climb in our fireplace instead.

I am sad to say that at the end of the boys first semester of school, their report card will have a giant W.

That stands for WILD!

P.S. I give the teachers an A for effort! School was awesome, and I am glad I could help turn your children into toddler geniuses.


Angell said...

Hey Amber. I'm trying the whole pre-school thing too. Uh...I think my daughter gets a W too! Not so much a genius. Anyways, I need your address for Christmas cards! You can email it to me if that's easiest. My email address is THANKS!!!

Sawyers Family said...

I love having your boys for school...and they are toddler geniuses in their own WILD way!