Friday, July 9, 2010


We have nearly every family member coming to visit the Webb residence this month. I decide that is not enough. I kick of the month by holding a baby shower at our place. A few hours later, a friend visits all the way from Washington - the state, but we don't think we should always have to clarify. The friend who introduced Zach and I, in fact. The best kind of friend, if you ask me.

Two days later, Zach's mom Suzie comes to town. We take her to the zoo. Grant poses with a seal.

Zach's brother and  family come up from Atlanta to see us and Suzie. We take them to see Guilford County Courthouse. It is haunted with British soldiers. No wonder we won the war. Just look at them lying around. Everyone leaves.
We get careless about our parenting and Grant takes a bite of every apple in the fruit bowl.  My sister Emily comes for a visit. We take her to the zoo. She and the boys pose together for lots of pictures, but I'm not allowed to post pictures of her on my blog. We go shopping. Emily goes home.
 My parents and my brother Jacob come for a visit. We take them to the Outer Banks. We see a lot of sand dunes.
We pose for a picture where Mr. Wright made his first flight. In all seriousness, standing here was actually sort of a spiritual experience for me. Then we take them back to my house and I make my dad and brother paint my kitchen and living room. Don't you think I have  a cool brother? He spent his senior year spring break helping to paint my kitchen.

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Brittany Collier said...

Seriously, why can't people just say DC? It's shorter anyway. And you should post some pictures of Emily. Not like she does on her own blog. You should kick her for that one...