Tuesday, January 11, 2011

November fun

 My sister got married the week before Thanksgiving. In Rexburg. On the boys' birthday. She has a sense of humor that one.
Here she is with my mom. Every time I post a picture of her on my blog I get in trouble, but I couldn't help it. I love her dress.
My uncle entertained us by donning Emily's cloak. Hey Dean, you look good in white! It's cool if I post this picture, right? That's all the pics I took at the wedding the rest of the time my hands were in my armpits.
The next day it snowed six inches, and we had a pool party for Grant & Collin's birthday.
Who says you can't have a pool party in November. Indoor pools are awesome.
 So is ice cream cake drizzling down your chin.
Open wide!


Kristen and Ryan said...

I love her dress too!

Happy Birthday to the boys!

I have thought of you often lately. I have started watching twin boys three days a week. They will turn one at the end of the month.

Sawyers Family said...

Happy Birthday Grant and Collin!! I hope you're having a fun time being 3!!

Natalie said...

That dress is awesome. Glad to finally see pics from your trip!