Thursday, February 10, 2011

The white stuff

Our friends and neighbors swear that North Carolina normally has mild winters. Liars. This is what it looked like the day after Christmas. 
If we don't have to go anywhere, I'm all for snow.
Especially snow you can throw.
And roll. Grant rolled this ball all by himself. I swear. We put it on top of our little snow man. Grant calls snowmen robots.
 We have been back in school for about 25 days and have had at least five snow days. One day we had a snow day because the forecast called for snow. They didn't even wait to see if any snow fell. It didn't. I admire the fact they are concerned for their students' safety, but their actual justification for closing sometimes eludes this Idaho girl.
 They boys had fun at home stringing fruit loops.
And trying on my snow boots. Still, I prefer snow days with snow.


Natalie said...

I hear you Amber. Calling off school before any white flakes appear is lame! Your boys are so cute in their snow hats.

shelley said...

grant calls snowmen robots. hahahahahahahahaahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!

still laughing...


Brittany Collier said...

At least you have snow. Oh wait...not jealous. Sorry.