Monday, June 20, 2011

Spring 2011: What we did and where we went

I love spring in North Carolina. The trees are bursting with blooms and our cars are covered with yellow powder. Spring is just one more thing that I love that is going to kill me. Besides finding out we are having a girl, the highlight of this spring was when Zach quit his job. It was awesome! For about four days he got a taste of early retirement! We celebrated with a weekend at the beach.

Our proudest moment was when strangers started taking pictures of all the sand castles we built.

Of course, Zach had a new job to go to the following Monday. So far the new job is going great, but we really would like to figure out that early retirement thing.

We got to see Zach's brother get his Ph.D the next weekend. Well - Zach saw him graduate. I hung out with the boys because a graduation ceremony is no kinda place for three-year-olds.

 But Georgia tech campus does have these really fun pipes that are an awesome place for three year olds.
and cousins too.
When the weather turned hotter than you-know-where we bought this rad slip-n-slide to help fulfill my only two summer goals. 1. The boys beg to go to bed out of utter exhaustion at the end of the day and 2. My grass stays green. At least we have the bed time thing down.

My sister-in-law Ashley visited for a week and we had a great time pretending her dog Duke was our dog. The boys were in paradise.
 We took Ashley to see the bog gardens. They are probably pretty awesome, but it's hard to tell when there is sweat in your eyes.
We are looking forward to a fun summer but if it cools down a little, that's fine by us.


Natalie said...

So fun. The boys are getting so big. They look so grown up in that last picture! Glad Zach's new job is going well.

Sawyers Family said...

Looks like you've been busy so far! Congrats on quitting the job and finding another one to start the next week!!

A Hunter said...

Wow! That shows what little I have paid attention to. I had no idea Zach got a new job! Congrats!