Friday, October 7, 2011

Birth Day

The day after my due date I had an appointment with the midwife. The baby showed no indication she was on her way, so my midwife, recognizing that my help would only be here for a limited amount of time, mercifully scheduled an appointment to induce me. I had four more days and I hoped that I would actually go into labor on my own. No such luck.
 We had to force the baby out. The fantastic thing about being induced though is that you get to do your hair and makeup before you go into labor. Of course you still have to wear the hospital issued uniform.

The final stats:
11 hours of labor
6 Popsicles
2 Wonderful supports (my mom & Zach) to help me overcome my fear of needles
1 awesome epidural that made me extremely itchy. Do they all do that? Zach says I itched with the boys, but I don't remember.
1 push. One push? That's crazy!
1 incredible baby

Claire Marie Webb 
Born Friday, September 23rd at exactly 9 pm
8 lbs 4 oz.
20 1/4 inches long
 I love that Claire was born on the first official day of fall and exactly two weeks before my birthday (Yup, it's today). She was born with beautiful rosy skin and the doctors and nurses told me she had the lowest biliruben count they had ever seen 0.0. I'm pretty proud. She has really long fingers and feet and even though she is my biggest baby, she is slender like the boys were. Of course I think she is the most beautiful creature on the planet.
And so does her Dad.
And her brothers. She got to come home at just two days old, and it was good to get away from all those nurses with needles and just relax at home. Welcome home baby Claire. We are so lucky to have you.

Thanks to my personal photographer. Hi mom.


shelley said...

can your mom come and shoot my labor/delivery pics too? cause those look amazing, unlike all my point-and-shoot pics that don't blur out all the ugly hospital stuff in the background.

she really is gorgeous!

Hillary said...

Thanks for sharing your wonderful story of Claire's birth. We are so thrilled for you all! We wish you a very happy birthday Amber! Love ya!

Natalie said...

Happy Birthday! And love seeing those pictures of her birth. I can't believe you did it in one push! You rock.

Holly said...

Happy birthday to both of you!

Toni said...

Those pictures are awesome! Happy birthday to two cute girls!!

Toni H.

jax from the harmon squad said...

Congrats!!! I too love the pictures... I hope someday I will be able to have a photographer shoot a birth. And she and Max have the same birthday!! I think it's a great day for a birthday too:)

carrie said...

Happy birthday to you, and welcome to cute baby Claire! You guys all look great, and happy. Ü

Brittany Collier said...

Happy birthday Cuz! Beautiful baby, gorgeous pictures and lovely family. One push, you lucky dog.

Angell said...

She's BEAUTIFUL! And Happy Birthday! :)

Sawyers Family said...

She and I share the same birthday! So fun to have a birthday on the first day of fall! It's like the whole world is celebrating with us!!
Congrats and one push is way awesome!!

Super Angie said...

I love the name Claire!!! She's beautiful. Tell your mom she rocks the photos. :)