Monday, November 25, 2013

Birthday season wrap up: Zach

It's that time of year again when over half the family have birthdays in just three days. Yay Webbs! I wanted to take a little time to honor the birthday boys here on my blog, starting with Zach. Here are some fun things you might not know about Zach:

-Zach's favorite movies are the Bourne trilogy movies. He informed me that the Bourne movies are not his favorite because he thinks Jason Bourne is awesome, but because the entire male gender actually believe that they could probably definitely do what Jason Bourne does.
-I think Zach looks awesome with a beard. Sadly, certain officials have asked him to shave. Also, I think he got tired of me refusing to kiss him with the beard. It hurts.
 -When we were expecting Claire, but before we knew she was a girl, Zach decided we were going to name the baby David Webb, which is Jason Bourne's actual name before he joins the CIA and magically gets amnesia.  What? You didn't know that?
-When Zach and I first met, I had traveled to Europe and Africa and much of the United States (also Canada, but who really counts that?) Zach had gone to Honduras for a mission, but other than that he hadn't traveled much (except I think to Canada, but who really counts that?) Then, my passport expired while Zach traveled all over the world for work. In one year he visited China, India, El Salvador, Italy and Mexico on top of lots of traveling he was doing in the states. It was funny watching him travel the world and become picky about restaurants and hotels while I stayed home eating mac n' cheese with the kids. Sadly, it is hard to enjoy eating out at nice restaurants on the company dime and staying in neat hotels when you don't have anyone to enjoy it with, so Zach took a job where he doesn't have to travel. Sometimes I miss the (vicarious) adventure and the endless award miles, but having the whole family together for dinner every night is pretty much my favorite.
- Zach's top drawer in his office desk has an envelope full of foreign bills from his traveling days. I am pretty sure it's only worth about 30 bucks tops but it really looks like a chunk of change. I'm not sure why he keeps it but I think it might be part of the fantasy about being Jason Bourne? I've yet to find any foreign passports in there...
-Zach started wearing glasses about two years ago because he is getting older and his vision has withered to 23/20 or something like that. I want to have those glasses surgically attached to his head because I tell you what those things are ALWAYS lost.
-Zach does not work for the CIA... unless he has a really good cover. However, if he did I wouldn't know anything more about what he does at work because he never talks about it. I met Zach's bosses' wife and asked her if her husband talks about work. She said he flat out refuses, so maybe this isn't really that uncommon? Or maybe they are both in the CIA.

Happy Birthday Zach. I love you. A lot.


shelley said...

i always love your blog posts. yes, i think he's in the CIA. he's like marshall from alias. that's why he's always home for dinner.

Natalie said...

Amber you are too funny! And I love that Zach wanted to name his son after a favorite character. I still haven't given up hope on naming a child Jack Bauer Harris.

Amber said...

Shelley, I think I need to watch Alias now. Natalie, I never knew about your devotion to Jack Bauer!

Emily Jeppson said...

I bet if you told Zach that Jason Bourne had Lasik surgery he would go for it.

Hillary said...

Thanks for teaching me some things about my bro I didn't know. Always fun to read your posts. :)