Saturday, March 8, 2014

Just Grant

Hi! I'm still here. Just wanted to share a little update about the boys when they turned six. Which was four months ago! I'm keeping up pretty well aren't I? First up: Grant.

So here are some things that are important to know about the six year old version of Grant. He lost three teeth this year. He decided he wanted to be Zurg for Halloween but refused the Disney costumes I found on eBay. He said I could make something better. Here is my attempt: I made the costume out of my purple high school graduation robe. So I guess that justifies the fact that it sat in my parents basement untouched for over a decade. Zach made the gun. It was awesome. The dang thing lit up! Grant was disappointed because it didn't shoot little ping pong balls like in the movie. That is Grant. He has big dreams. Big dreams and big expectations. He makes an adorable villain, no?

Grant started Kindergarten this year. He is learning to read and write. Also, he runs all recess long. For fun. Except he and his friends don't call it running. They call it "Transformers" or "Chicken Run" or "Bad Guys". Some of it sounds fun, but it is all running. If Grant has a mega talent I would have to say it is his knack for learning new vocabulary.  He is always asking me what words mean. Words that I use every day and really have no idea how to describe their meaning. Basically he has better vocabulary than this whole blog. He uses words like "peculiar" and "indelible" in context. Do you know what indelible even means? I do. Now. Thank you, kindergarten.

You don't really know Grant until you have heard him try to persuade you into something. Where did he get this skill? I forsee this being part of his future career. I love to think about what he will be when he grows up but I wish i could push it out for another decade or so. Grant, we love you! Please stay six for a few more years!


Natalie said...

That costume turned out great! So cute that he told you that you could make a better one.

Greg and Nicolle said...

I always love your blog post... glad you checked in! :) Hope you guys are well.

Hillary said...

You and Zach got some really cute kids! Thanks for sharing their fun goings on. :)