Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Gone to Carolina

Have I ever mentioned I love North Carolina? Here are a few reasons why:

Our family at Duke gardens and Zach & Collin on the train at City Lake Park

And here are a few more:

-Great shopping
-Great weather
-Great food
-Nice people with funny accents

We only wish it were sandwiched in between Washington and Idaho.


Wende said...

Amber I can't believe how big your boys are! When did you move? We had no idea. Send me your email & I'll get you linked up to the family website I'm trying out. Love you guys! Wende

~Cmac~ said...

I want to live in North Carolina so bad. It's my first choice as a location for Chase to get a job. Everyone tells me that the cost of living is so low and that the environment is so great. Sounds like a winner to me! Your little family is getting big! You guys look great. As always, we miss you!

Brittany Collier said...

Happy birthday cuz! Man, we are getting old.

hollylynn said...

amber, i wish you had facebook so i could write this on your wall, but...

happy birthday!!!

Super Angie said...

Hi Amber!!! This is Angie Busch! I found your blog through Holly. Your boys are so cute!!!