Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Tug of War

Excuse the absence. The boys and I just got back from a long trip to Idaho visiting family. It was fun, but we sure missed Zach who was home alone for two weeks. He kept busy fixing all the things in the apartment that bug us. When we got back, he was amazed at how the boys have grown. Collin is now getting around by doing a sort of break dance maneuver. He sits up, then rolls onto his tummy then sits up again. Grant, meanwhile, has an affinity for all things forbidden ... electric cords and outlets, the fireplace, the floorlamps. Why do I own toys?

Lately they are into any toy that the other baby is playing with. I tried to take a picture of them playing tug of war over this book, but Grant poses everytime the camera comes out, so Collin won this round.


Josie said...

Grant lives up to his name! Our Grant would do the same thing, only the smile would be crazy!

Jeffiner said...

Too funny!! You're babies are getting SOOOO big!