Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Mexichristmas Day 1

Christmas in Mexico. I knew Zach was apprehensive because he kept saying "There's no turning back now" on the way there. Cracked me up. But the boys didn't mind at all. They were perfect gentlemen on the airplane. We had some nachos while we waited for the rest of the Leavitt's (everyone made it except for Leann's suitcase, it spent the week at the Cancun airport) and then we picked up our giant rental van. After an hours' drive we were in Playa del Carmen. The guys went grocery shopping, which is always an adventure in a foreign country. It was awesome to walk outside without bracing yourself. I love the sunshine and warm weather.

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~Cmac~ said...

Merry christmas you guys! I hope it was a good one. But how could it not be in sunny Mexico? Lucky ducks! :)