Friday, January 9, 2009

Mexichristmas Day 3

We found our way to church Sunday to find half of the people there were locals. The other half were on vacation from the United States. The bishop was kind enough to provide a translator who did a fantastic job, so we all got something out of it. It was touching to see how accomadating the church members were to their visitors. The church building looked a lot like the ones back home. They even had a basketball court. I'll never understand what it is with Mormons and basketball. At night when the boys went to bed, it was wonderful to have lots of family around who could watch them while Zach and I enjoyed a stroll.

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Super Angie said...

When I went to church in Chiang Mai, there were so many visitors that the ward owned a set of headphones. As soon as we walked in they handed us a pair. One of the missionaries translated the meeting into English. It was awesome!