Monday, January 12, 2009

Mexichristmas Day 4

We drove three hours to see Chichen Itza. Amazing. The most memorable moment was when a man selling souveniers followed my dad for twenty minutes trying to sell him stuff he didn't get the hint when we started laughing or even when we took a picture. My dad's a nice guy though. He was patient with that guy. We didn't leave until it closed and we were all starving for dinner. Unfortunately we couldn't find any place to eat and we had a three hour drive home. Luckily with babies we had enough snacks for the babies to keep everyone alive until we could find a rest stop. We bought a plate of tacos and passed it around so everyone could have a turn eating it. It was definitely the most authentic Mexican food we had the whole time. The sky was a perfect shade of blue.

Here's my dad's favorite souvenir dealer posing for a picture.

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Super Angie said...

Yes! Baby snacks to the rescue! Nice to see the boys so interested in posing for El Castille. :)