Monday, May 11, 2009

Strawberry love

On Saturday morning the Webb residence was on fire. We felt ready to accomplish anything. I got my haircut at 8 am. Zach went golfing at 9. I finished making for a bridal shower gift for my sister-in-law to-be while the boys napped. At noon, Zach got back, we woke the boys and fed them lunch, then took them to Bernie's Berries.

It was a strawberry heaven. The boys ate anything red that they could get their hands on. I think that also may have included some green stuff, and probably lots of dirt, but they were happy. We picked eight pounds of strawberrys. Eight pounds! They were so beautiful, we just couldn't help it.

We came home covered in berry juice and threw some of the strawberries into a giant fruit salad. Then we headed off to a good old southern pig pickin' hosted by some good friends. MMM The barbeque was delicious. Our fruit salad was gobbled up immediately. We headed home when it started to rain and the boys went to sleep happily, something they just don't do lately.

Sunday morning Zach made us some amazing strawberry crepes. After church, we realized that our remaining six pounds of berries needed to be dealt with, post haste. I whipped up some amazing fresh strawberry ice cream, which I ate for lunch and dinner. Happy Mother's Day to me! I'll share the recipe later this week, because it was super good. Today, I'll be making jam with the remaining ten pounds. These berries are multiplying I tell you!


Natalie said...

I want to go picking too! Sounds like you guys had fun. And please post the strawberry ice cream recipe!

Sawyers Family said...

We picked strawberries on Saturday, too!
I bet those boys of yours just loved the strawberries...and of course getting to play in a patch like that is fun!

andrea said...

Mmmm....I was busy cleaning my house ALL DAY Saturday or I would've been out at the patch, too. Glad you got some good berry lovin!

~Cmac~ said...

Good day!