Monday, September 14, 2009

Oh hello there.

I know you haven't seen much of of us lately. We've been busy enjoying every last part of summer. Here's what you've missed:

Picking blueberries.
Playing cars.


Attending the Wyndham Championship.
Watching John Daly golf in black and red tiger striped pants made me realize golfers are more fun than I thought.

We are planning on a busy fall that may include BUYING OUR FIRST HOUSE! But I think buying a house is like getting married. Nothing's final until you've said "I do". So you'll have to stay tuned to find out what happens.


Angell said...

AMBER!!! I'm so excited that you found my blog. I feel like we have totally lost touch with each other. How are you?! You have twins! CRAZY! Your family is adorable. Sad that you're not still in Kirtland. I've been up there twice since we moved here. Give me the update on life when you get the chance. Love ya!

Natalie said...

We can't wait to see the new house! Just let us know when you need help moving in.