Friday, January 29, 2010

Am I over-analyzing this?

I've been wasting so much time lately trying to decide how to decorate the boys big boy room. Maybe you could help me choose:

Idea 1: Robots
Quilts from this fabric by David Walker:

Plus Prints from johnwgolden's etsy shop:

And some glow in the dark star stickers on the ceiling of course. I love the whimsy, but I'm a little nervous about getting bored with it. But I don't want to always make the safe decision, right?

Idea 2
But then again, I'm really drawn to very simple, masculine rooms like this one:

 And this one:

They're both crowd pleasers, right?

Idea 3
I love the idea of a bedroom wall-papered with maps like this room:

I'd just wallpaper it up a few feet and add a chair rail, with light blue walls on top.

And I think that would look awesome with a quilt like this one by Denise Schmidt:

With some airplanes on the ceiling, like these from Pottery Barn Kids:

Would it scare you to wake up and see something hanging from the ceiling though?

And I worry that the appeal of map wallpaper may not be widespread. Do you think it would scare off a potential buyer someday?

Maybe I should decorate their room like this one:

I hear this motif is quite popular in the South.

You know that I am not considering this, right? Right?


Caroline said...

The last one would definately get your house sold faster, but I couldn't promise what your boys would want to do when they are older. I'm drawn to the simple masculine, but the world one is cool too. What do you want them to learn?

Super Angie said...

Maybe you could use idea #2 and then change up the accents. Use robots and ray guns for a while. When you want to switch things up, you could get new prints/pillows/etc. and use dinosaurs, maps, legos, cartoon characters, or anything your little men take an interest in...

Natalie said...

I think the robots are super cute, but I think idea 2 will last you longer.

shelley said...

i like the robots and the maps. cute and whimsy all the way! they will be 8+ for the rest of their lives, and then you can do simple masculine and BORING. i don't think maps would scare off a potential buyer. i would think it was totally cool and would probably buy your house just because if it. but some people would probably hate it and not buy your house because of it. you can never guess what potential buyers are going to think. that's why i decided not to care about them. i say, it's my house, and i'm going to live in it the way i want. that's why i'm fine to have a room painted VERY bright blue with green polka dots everywhere. because it's MY house!

don't show the last picture to brandon sweat. he'll be all over it, and then andrea will hate you forever!

steph said...

i like option 2, with the airplanes and a denise schmidt quilt. love her stuff. we did Riley's room with the board and batten (white paneling) just like the picture, with brown on top. I LOVE IT! i go in there, lay on her bed and just look. it's fun!

rob, jax & max: the harmon squad said...

As an interior designer, you know I have to chime in. NO THEMES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (have I made my point? 'Cause I can keep going) Its not the theme that will get old (for example robots), it's the fact that the room IS a theme that will get old really fast. Just take your favorite elements from each option and mesh them together. The colors in the stuff you like are all in the same tonal family so it will all look cohesive together (even though they don't "match" or part of the same theme. ) And the room will last you a lot longer if you don't have to worry about their stuff matching the room, you can just morph it as they grow. So again, NO THEMES!!!!!!!!!!! And now I will get off my soap box. And if you need any help, let me know!

andrea said...

Having no professional expertise whatsoever, I like the map idea. Cool, adventurous, educational. But I will share this lesson that I learned the hard way. I did a wallpaper border in Brandon's room when he was two. He was at chair-rail height. He slowly picked away at it until it was completely ruined. And I was SO ticked off because I'd worked hard to get that thing up. I don't know if little boys can do the same thing if the whole wall is covered, but thought I'd share that anyway.

I also like the plain masculine rooms. Classic.

Cari-Ann said...

I go for idea #2. My dad made our nephew a model plane to hang from the ceiling in his room and it even has lights that blink. It's awesome!

~Cmac~ said...

Robots! I love em'!

~Cmac~ said...

And I want to see the "After" photos of your sofa. I've been waiting with bated breath! :)

The Dahlstroms said...

I like the airplane idea! I love your new house!

Erika said...

I'm with Jackie on the no theme idea. That's what I did with Mia's room. That way whenever I see something in the color scheme that we went with, it will work no matter what!

I'm all about the colors in the darker masculine room:)

I'm with Shelley on not caring about the potential buyers. I've never understood that because if a house is a blank slate I can't "see" what it can look like.

Ok I'm done:)

Amber said...

They're all sooooo cute! As an avid traveler, I'm kinda partial to the maps. :-)

Holly said...

Well, I love all of them except one. I'll let you decide which that is. ;)