Sunday, October 31, 2010

The Proud Lion and the Reluctant Elephant

I worked all month. I sewed every nap time. I neglected all my household chores - more than usual - to make the boys' costumes myself this year. I think it might be the last year because they took forever. But they turned out so cute! Sadly, the boys hated them.
Feeling a little rejected
But we finally got a break at our church trunk-or-treat party. Grant fussed in his costume and we forced his mane over his head for a picture and that's when everyone watching said "Oooo, he's so cute!"

See how proud he looks? If there is anything this kid loves more than free candy it's a good compliment. Who doesn't? I'm pretty sure its the reason people start blogs. Sadly, Collin didn't ever take to his the same, but we did get his ears and trunk on long enough for a few pictures. See - he hates it.
His eyes say it all
I love these costumes, but I think next year I will just order some. Or I could start on next year's costumes now ...


shelley said...

alright, here's your "good compliment" - those costumes are amazing!!! i didn't know you had hand-sewed them!

even more amazing, i can't believe you didn't cry over the fact that the boys didn't want to wear them. you're such an example to me. you really take everything in stride. i would have been a basket case, and made everyone else miserable as well, i am sure.

next year the boys will be a little older and will probably appreciate your hard work of costumes. or maybe not. but i'm coming to primary the day that elephant gives a talk.

Natalie said...

They were adorable! They turned out soooo well. And who knows, maybe your next set of twins will want to wear them :).

Hillary said...

How Fun! Way to go on taking on the goal of making their costumes! They look awesome! Sorry Collin wasn't a fan of the costume... they are so cute in them though. Once again nice work :)

Brittany Collier said...

OK, so you are crazy. I spent two dollars at the dollar store and pulled out some of my old clothes. That's how we go. But more power to ya. Those are adorable. But you are crazy.