Thursday, March 22, 2012


Can you believe Claire is six months old tomorrow? Well, I can't. I have been watching her constantly for the past half of a year but she is still growing faster than I can process. Having Claire, it is wonderful.  I just wish I could always have a baby. And it doesn't hurt that Claire has been sleeping through the night since, like, forever. Don't hate me. I had twins! I sorta think I earned that.
 Zach blessed Claire on New Years' Day. She was so pretty in the dress her Grandma made for her we almost didn't notice that she cried through the whole thing. Almost.
 The other day Claire's hair looked like this and Zach said "Oh Claire, you ARE a Webb". Webb hair defies gravity.
This is what Claire spends most of her time doing right now. I think maybe she is trying to grow. How rude.

 Last Saturday I rubbed my finger over Claire's gums and could feel her first little tooth was about to break through. I decided to have one last toothless grin photoshoot. Ahh, I love a toothless baby.
 Whatcha doing with those toes Claire?
Ahh, I see.

Claire's first tooth made its appearance on Wednesday. She is a champion teether.  Oh, and one last thought:

That's all.


Natalie said...

I can't believe she is 6 months old already! And she is the cutest little girl! What a doll baby. I love the outfits with hats!

Holly said...

So cute!!!! I can hardly wait to meet her. By then she will basically be an adult.

Andrea said...

In that toe shot where she's looking up, she reminds me SO much of Collin!

Josie said...

She is so stinkin cute! Yes you deserve a baby who sleeps during the night! We are headed to your parents house next week! I hope they don't hate us all when we leave!

A Mormon Mommy said...

Amber--she is a beautiful baby! I love her big blue eyes! So sweet!

Hillary said...

What an adorable little girl you have. It makes me want to have a girl. Thanks for sharing all of those fun pictures. Take care in all that you are busy doing :)

carrie said...


By the way, it was so fun to see you a few weeks ago!!

Emily Jeppson said...

OOOH I love her so much. I can't believe how much she has grown.

Emily Jeppson said...

OOOH I love her so much! I can't believe how much she has grown!