Monday, March 12, 2012

I want to be Zelda

The night before Claire was born Zach took me to a movie theater we have never visited. It was old and creepy and at first we were the only ones there, which was uncomfortable to me because I thought if anyone comes in here with a chainsaw to murder us, there will be no witnesses. I think about these things. Luckily, a few other people finally showed up so I could relax a little and focus on the movie. We watched Midnight in Paris and now I totally want to copy Zelda Fitzgerald.
Oh my gosh, how do you get your hair to do that? Perm? Wig? Genetics? Also, I wasn't sure it was ok to dress in 20s style clothes when you are not at a Halloween party, but looky here:
Shabby Apple
What do you think? Could we bring back the roaring 20s' or would it just be a disastrous repeat of Bernice Bobs Her Hair?

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Natalie said...

I must say we rented that movie too, but were very disappointed. I do love Shabby Apple! I have my eye on a dress there.

shelley said...

i heart heart HEART 20's fashion. and 40's. that is a secret that no one knows, of course, since i am not a fashionista in any sense of the word. but i would love to wear a flapper dress. and the dress i wore to the temple (and any time i didn't have my wedding dress on) on my wedding day was a 40's-inspired dress. complete with hat. it was amazing. i would love to dress like that to go to the grocery store.

Emily said...

That was such a good movie! I can't wait to come and visit you guys! Hope you are surviving okay without Zach at home...Love you!

Zach & Amber Webb said...

You think her hair is difficult, look at F. Scott's part and wave? I guess this also means that we will need to dress the children in period clothing as well...sounds like fun.