Thursday, February 9, 2012

It sounds fake, but it's true

In December I didn't do much. I just flew across the country alone with three small children. I know. I can't believe I lived to tell the tale either. Especially the part about where our plane was late and we missed our layover. I stepped off the plane in Salt Lake City with Claire in my front pack, Collin clinging to my pants and Grant running away from me when I heard someone yell "Amber". There at my gate with a wheelchair to collect my boys was my super aunt to save the day. I would have been confused about how she got past security and how she found my exact gate, but I was too tired to ask questions.

The day after we got to my parents, we drove ten hours to see my little sister graduate. Way to go Em! She is the sister I am not allowed to mention on this blog. But I'm going to post a picture of her anyway.

Emily and Claire are such great friends. On the way home from Emily's graduation, we drove by a cool looking train, which I pointed out to my train obsessed boys. Then my dad pulled over to get a closer look and then we got out of the car and my Mom said, hey, can we get on the train? And they said, sure, just give us your credit card. Then as the train took off we were thinking "What the heck are we doing on this train anyway?" Things started to click a little when Santa came to say hello to all the children.

Grant sat stupefied when Santa sat down across from him and asked what he wanted for Christmas. Collin did his best to appear he didn't notice - but we know he did. Grant just said "uhhhh uhhh" until Santa had to move on. When Santa got up, Grant finally collected himself and yelled "Santa! I want a gun!" Then Santa turned around and yelled "You'll shoot your eye out kid" No joke! Except the part about what Santa said. That didn't really happen. But all the rest of it did.

 Then Christmas came and guess what Grant got?

You betcha! One for each hand.

Other notable and difficult to believe events: 

My Dad taught Claire some important life skills: circus tricks.

The boys inspected Grandpa's airplane
 Zach says all Leavitt family pictures have a dead fish in them. This fish happens to still be alive.
And most impressive: walking on water.


Natalie said...

What a fun trip! Glad it was so successful!

Hillary said...

How fun! Thanks so much for sharing these fun photos. What an adventure you guys had in December! :)

Toni said...

you are my favorite writer!!

Emily said...

aww so cute! I am excited for you guys to come back to Idaho!
P.S. I like when you mention me in your posts!