Thursday, November 24, 2011

Turkey Day

I hope you are having a happy Thanksgiving. When Grant was three days old, we had to take him to the emergency room for a fever. It was his first Thanksgiving.  They did a spinal tap and gave him an IV and drew his blood and hooked him up to monitors. I couldn't hold him. I was filthy because I hadn't even showered since we left the last hospital. Zach resorted to swearing at the doctors a few times. I just sat on the window seat crying most of the day. For dinner we ate hospital food. It was sad. Every year I think about that Thanksgiving and I feel thankful that time always passes and I know on my worst days things will get better.

I am thankful for Collin's quiet determination and Grant's loud enthusiasm. I am thankful for Zach's patience and Claire's smiles and coos. I am thankful for the humility and compassion I have learned from being a mother. I hope I don't have to learn much more of it.

I am thankful for my mom who taught me how to bake bread and my dad who introduced me to squash and sweet potatoes and all sorts of things I used to think were gross. I am grateful for my siblings and my in-laws and loyal friends.

I am thankful for my college education - especially my stats class that taught me to always ask questions and my humanities professor who always found comedy in art and literature. I am thankful for my boys' teachers who teach because they love it.

I am thankful for Target and Costco and my minivan and indoor plumbing. I am thankful the garbage truck collects my trash every week. I am thankful for computers and cameras and the Internet and modern transportation.

And... I am thankful for friends who like me enough to read a long rambling list of things I'm thankful for. Thanks everyone! Happy Turkey Day.


shelley said...

i like your list. and i too am glad that our worst days get better.

Natalie said...

Thanks for sharing your list! Happy Thanksgiving!

Hillary said...

Thanks for sharing what you are thankful for.. it got me thinking. I love you and Zach and your sweet kids. I am thankful for you all!

carrie said...

Happy Thanksgiving! Loved your list, thanks for sharing. Ü