Wednesday, June 3, 2009

One hundred and one posts

We went to Atlanta a few weekends ago to visit Ben and Rebekah and family. They were awesome to show us around even though they are expecting a baby at any minute.
Here they are, looking like a bunch of models.
And here we are, looking like a bunch of frazzled tourists.

Look at the pose Hazel made. Honestly, these people are naturals.The boys found the only patch of dirt at Stone Mountain.And Zach climbed the top. Thumbs up Zach. I loved Atlanta. A lot. Thanks Ben and Rebekah!

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hollylynn said...

dear amber leavitt webb,

it has officially been over a month since your last posting, and your blog misses you.

and i do too.

my mom said she saw you and you looked super cute and that your boys are growing up and are adorable.

i would like photographic evidence of all this AND coordinating commentary, post haste.

i hope you're doing well!